Saturday, April 7, 2012


Here is another pic of the whedon swap

The main theme is "Firefly" with a little bit of Angel and Buffy too.  I made a Wash dinosaur shadow box, a Mal cross stitch ornament, Simon Tams's journal, a dishcloth for the serenity kitchen, a I love my captain mug from Kaylee, a Kaylee inspired necklace, an Inara inspired necklace, 5 magnets, and 3 pieces of fabric, 1 for Inara and 2 for Kaylee, a polymer clay stake, and Angel comic book, a crocheted strawberry for Kaylee and a tin like the box Book gave them to her in... I think thats it.  It was only a 5 point swap so I went a little above required but I had such fun brainstoriming and crafting for this one.. I cant wait till the next one

In the meantime I am in a Buffy swap on Ravelry, that is due out this month... I need to get crackin' as I only have a few things done.  I have to make an Ami of either Spike or Willow...
Today I crocheted Easter eggs, only 4, one for each of my kiddos:)

This is a hoop I recieved in a personal swap on Craftser from BurstofPanties, I have to make her a gypsy in return which I have yet to start is Monster High, its for my daughters 8th birthday. She is gonna LOVE it:)

Two more hoops from the Hoopla Rd. 5 Swap.  Can you guess the theme... I saw some really pretty Alice hoops on there and on Pinterest, I have never really been "into" Alice before but alot of the art work that has come from it is so my style that i had to ask for Alice in my themes and I am super glad I did:)

This is so lovely! iT  is from a private swap with Mezcraft.  It is a day of the dead Painted Face. I love the traditional Painted Faces they are so beautiful. 

Here is what I got from the Wish Swap... A Nook cover (left) A supply hoop for my hooks and a bag...Lovely stitching... Wish I could make these myself!

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