Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day One

Hello!!!! I know no one is reading just yet, but that will end soon enough!

A little about moi 
My name is Julia I am 26 years old, SAHM of four children, two boys, two gals.  I have a passion for crafts.  First I was majorly addicted to scrapbooking, then it moved more into papercrafts These days I crochet alot and embroider is my newest love and I have really been doing alot of it, thanks to all the wonderful inspiration out here in the blog=o=shpere... Quilting and knitting are both crafts that I desperatly want to learn, along with mega sewing skills.  Maybe someday.  I love altering items and reusing them in new and innovative ways, and I love recycling old things into purposeful items.   Green is GOOD!!!

Not to rant, but we only have this one planet and do you really want your children and granbabies to be in danger because we messed it up?  I don't so try to do one green thing, even if it only changing to an energy efficient lightbulb (which are cheaper in the long run because they dont burn out forever)  or turning off lights you aren't using and unplugging appliances and cords.  These things are green and can save you money and you know that is good!

Back to me, I have been married to my snookums (omg, he would kill me if I called him that)  Jason, for going on 8 years next week.  It has been good and bad but I would say the good far outweighs the bad, and my marriage advice would be to stick with it, for me the first few year were the hardest but we stuck it out and now I couldn't ve happier.   I am a christian which really has nothing to do with this blog. but I will tell you about it anyways, I believe in God, Christ and the Holy Spirit.  I try to go to church but life gets in the way, I think I have some of that Catholic guilt that I have heard about. 

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  1. Hello Julia! Nice to meet you!
    Thank you for entering my giveaway. :)
    If you have Facebook, don't forget to like S.O.S. Craft too, it's required to enter. ;)
    We have many things in common (as far as craft is concerned): recycling, sewing, crocheting, scrapbooking, and I also want to learn knitting and quilting! Maybe we can learn together?
    I'm going to follow your blog too to check on your progress. :)
    Sompy from S.O.S. Craft