Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Can't Contain Me Pincushion Swap @ Ravelry

These are doll sleeping bags that I got in the pinterest swap on craftster...notice the litle boy modeling these beauts!!!!!

The little piggy was from a swap a while ago on swap-bot.. I made the flower the other day at the dentist office..it didnt turn out as cute as i wanted
I got the pincushion in a flower pot, the floss and everything else pictured in a rav swap. This lil pincushion is too cute!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Here is another photo for the whedon swap
This is what I got in the Whedon-Verse Swap on craftster

This AWESOME spike tote bag...I love it so very much I will definately be rocking this....

A Mr. Pointy to hang on my rear view mirror, hopefully any would be bloodsuckers will see this and head the other way :0 I think it is made out of clay, it is sooo cute.. love it<3

A Spike magnet with him burning on the Cross and a Beaded bag with the Buffy logo... I dont know how she made this but the beads are super tiny. It is exquisite.

A Buffy Omnibus comic book..I dont have this one:)

Another thing that I love... I have been wanting one of these for awhile.. This was the first one she made, ever...i think it is amazing.. I love it so much, it is so pretty...

I got a great swap partner. Isnt this stuff just awesome..I feel so lucky:)

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Here is another pic of the whedon swap

The main theme is "Firefly" with a little bit of Angel and Buffy too.  I made a Wash dinosaur shadow box, a Mal cross stitch ornament, Simon Tams's journal, a dishcloth for the serenity kitchen, a I love my captain mug from Kaylee, a Kaylee inspired necklace, an Inara inspired necklace, 5 magnets, and 3 pieces of fabric, 1 for Inara and 2 for Kaylee, a polymer clay stake, and Angel comic book, a crocheted strawberry for Kaylee and a tin like the box Book gave them to her in... I think thats it.  It was only a 5 point swap so I went a little above required but I had such fun brainstoriming and crafting for this one.. I cant wait till the next one

In the meantime I am in a Buffy swap on Ravelry, that is due out this month... I need to get crackin' as I only have a few things done.  I have to make an Ami of either Spike or Willow...
Today I crocheted Easter eggs, only 4, one for each of my kiddos:)

This is a hoop I recieved in a personal swap on Craftser from BurstofPanties, I have to make her a gypsy in return which I have yet to start on..it is Monster High, its for my daughters 8th birthday. She is gonna LOVE it:)

Two more hoops from the Hoopla Rd. 5 Swap.  Can you guess the theme... I saw some really pretty Alice hoops on there and on Pinterest, I have never really been "into" Alice before but alot of the art work that has come from it is so my style that i had to ask for Alice in my themes and I am super glad I did:)

This is so lovely! iT  is from a private swap with Mezcraft.  It is a day of the dead Painted Face. I love the traditional Painted Faces they are so beautiful. 

Here is what I got from the Wish Swap... A Nook cover (left) A supply hoop for my hooks and a bag...Lovely stitching... Wish I could make these myself!

More Swap Goodies

Happy almost Easter!!! I just recently returned home from shopping for the annual Easter toy for the baskets.. I got the best stuff...I may take some pics for you. well seee.. I was planning on going to Joanns too but (gasp) I decided I would rather just get home...I must be sick or something to miss up an opportunity for sale fabrics.

This is what I made for my partner for the Whedon-Verse swap on Craftser. Sorry for the crappy photos...the memory card I have in my camera is full but for like 5 pics and it will not let me delete the others. Strange...

Monday, April 2, 2012

AGNS Goodies

This is what I recieved from the Anything Goes Needlework Swap...Isnt it adorable. The owls are perching on a needle and a crochet hook, which is perfect because the two main crafts I do are needle craft and crochet...My partner totally got me!! I sent hers off without getting a photo...grr but when she puts it up I will try and upload it on here... I am working on two more hoops that have to be sent off on the 4th and 5th and a Whedon swap that needs to go out on wednesday..I am trying to get them all done today and tomorrow because I am having some work done at the dentist tomorrow and I am going to be in a lot of pain so I may not be able to do much but sleep for the rest of the week...I am sending the kids to their grams house till Wednesday, I hope I feel better by then, four kids and me in pain does NOT sound like a good time... but I am excited about how I will look when I am done and healed up. Wish me luck.

Pinterest Swap on Craftster

I recieved these two hoops in the Pinterest Swap on Craftster.org...I love swapping... I make stuff that I wouldnt neccessarily make for myself and sometimes I love it so much that I make one for me too..Plus I try stuff I wouldnt otherwise and who doesnt love getting craft love in the post??? I love seeing all the talent that these women (and a few men) put into their crafts. I thought it would be hard to send something off but I know that since I am sending it to someone who knows and appreciates the hard work and time put into something will take the time to appreciate it and know its worth... ramble on much???
The tree has mine and my hubbys first initials 'carved' on it...cool huh??

Another Hoop

This is my hoopla wall...It is in my bedroom but I am thinking of switching it to the basement which is where my craft room is, which i cleaned and rearranged yesterday since I got two base whte cabinets at the thrift store. They were brand spankin new... I was so happy I have wanted cabinets for a while!

This is a hoop I made for another swap.. The theme was pinup girls...Do you like t. I am not the best embroiderer but I think my stuff is not too terrible...a few things Ive done have looked really great

It's been a while...

Yeah, I havent exactly been doing much blogging, but I am hoping to change that, get myself out there more and maybe start an etsy store??? We will see... I have been doing a lot of swaps on Craftster.org LOVE it I have a hoopla wall now... I will have to show you some pics of it.. but for now here are some things that I have made and recieved.

I got this in the Pinterest Swap..pretty cool huh? I could hardly believe CraftAddiction made me a queen size knitted blanket. I am in awe!!