Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Tuesdays are so blah, I usually clean the house (daily) but today it is really bad.  A few weeks ago I discovered that their is actually a knitting store by me. Mass Ave. Knits, when I walked in I was literally overwhelmed by all the yarns. it is a fairly large store that is jam packed with lovliness.  I only bought 3 hanks of yarn, I usually just get Red Heart, and Simply Soft by caron which is like less than 3 bucks at walmart. so it was kinda hard to pay $14 for 1 skein, but it is 100% wool and it is so pretty, soft and the color is amazing, I got a teal and a gray, that I think I am going to make into a hat and maybe a scarf if their is enough, the new Crochet Me magazine (sept/Oct issue) has a really pretty scarf and hat on the cover, but it is a beret type and I really don't think I look great in berets... But it is still purty!

As I said my daughter will be turning 5 next week, I started to make her this doll which I got the pattern for on etsy, from here, she has some amazingly cute patterns, I started last week and was using E hook, but I lost it and have been too lazy to go buy another, so yesterday I used a F hook on it and just used one less stitch in each round than what the pattern called for and I can't tell the diff.  so that is cool.  I also started on a lalaloopsy look-a-like doll from a FREE pattern on Craftster, which I love, but I had to tweak the pattern a bit already cause my feet didn't turn out right, it is a weird pattern, it begins with the feet and you work your way up I think the legs, body and head are all in one piece, but it is okay, new things are good right?  Here are the photos of the dolls completed, I didn't make them, if you check the links, you can see the uber-talented peoples who actually designed and made them....

They are cute right, and the little witch is right on time for Halloween, which reminds me, I need to work on punkins too, I have 1 1/2 done, and I want to make at least one more or maybe 5 total, you gotta have an odd number so they look right.  I haven't been stitching lately but I need to do some of that too.   I am planning on having a hoopla wall and I want to swap some embroidered hoops on Craftster, they have ongoing hoopla swaps every month, they also have a bunch of cool swaps, you should check it out and get some new art. I may get some of the Sublime Stitching patterns, they are pretty rad, and etsy is a treasure trove of awesome-ness, but I really prefer the iron on transfers I don't like having to use carbon paper or whatever to get the pattern on my fabric, so...

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