Friday, September 16, 2011

My Wists

I guess I should make a pininterest but I am too lazy, all of these images came from most from the organized swap galleries

I LOVE these!

See, these are some of the hoopla items for past swaps, super talented people. I want them all, I thought about maybe taking some of the designs and re-interpreting them  ? 
My favorite is the painted face I love painted faces and sugar skulls. Dia los Muertos = crafti possibilities galore! Yep....  And the halloween pincushion. I want some pincushions I have a total of zero.  I need to make some


I finished two crocheted pumpkins last night, I used sticks for the stems and made a curlique out of dark green yarn for a leaf.  I am looking for the disk for my camera so that I can get my pics loaded on here.... soon hopefully.

I also signed up for my first swap on Craftster, it is a halloween treat bag swap and I am so super excited about it.  They also do Hoopla swaps and I sooo wanna do one of those too, I actually want to do about 50 or so I wanna have a hoopla wall, maybe in my craft room, which is slowly becoming filled with yarn and fabric, but its ok cause thet are pretty!   I also bought some pumpkins at WalMart yesterday, DH said it was still summer, but it is cold so it seems like autumn, plus, I like pumpkins I wanna make tons of them, I saw some pretty white ones that were made out of a cabled and bobbled sweater that was cut up, I think I saw it on totally tutorials, and it seemed really simple to make so I think I will have to try it.

I got E and A's preschool pics today, sooo cute! They also got t-shirts, I think I am going to put those in my keepsake box and not let them wear them or anything and when they are older they can have them, plus, I think it would be weird to wear a shirt with a pic of yourself on it.

I am almost done with E's birthday gift, the witch w/ a kitty I just have to finish half an arm then the other one, the rest of the hat and the hair, which I am kinda nervous about because I have never done it before, I have a few ufo' dolls w/o hair and some other ones that didn't need hair, so let's hope I can do it.... I started on the lalaloopsy like doll. but I gave up for now so that I can for sure have one finished for her birthday, but I think that I will have time *maybe* to actually have both of them done... :) YAY ME!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Pattern

I used this pattern to make a TMNT for my son's birthday back in August, he loved it, seriously and I know alot of other little boys (and maybe some big boys too) would love it just as much,  this would be a cool Christmas gift to make for your son or nephew or hubby, whatever you want.  This guy, Wolfdreamer, has a lot of great patterns on his website, including Skipper and Kowalski from the Penguins of Madagascar Movie along with some other cool patterns too, you should really make this, it only took me like 3 days of working on it a few hourse each night so it is super quick and easy to make.


Tuesdays are so blah, I usually clean the house (daily) but today it is really bad.  A few weeks ago I discovered that their is actually a knitting store by me. Mass Ave. Knits, when I walked in I was literally overwhelmed by all the yarns. it is a fairly large store that is jam packed with lovliness.  I only bought 3 hanks of yarn, I usually just get Red Heart, and Simply Soft by caron which is like less than 3 bucks at walmart. so it was kinda hard to pay $14 for 1 skein, but it is 100% wool and it is so pretty, soft and the color is amazing, I got a teal and a gray, that I think I am going to make into a hat and maybe a scarf if their is enough, the new Crochet Me magazine (sept/Oct issue) has a really pretty scarf and hat on the cover, but it is a beret type and I really don't think I look great in berets... But it is still purty!

As I said my daughter will be turning 5 next week, I started to make her this doll which I got the pattern for on etsy, from here, she has some amazingly cute patterns, I started last week and was using E hook, but I lost it and have been too lazy to go buy another, so yesterday I used a F hook on it and just used one less stitch in each round than what the pattern called for and I can't tell the diff.  so that is cool.  I also started on a lalaloopsy look-a-like doll from a FREE pattern on Craftster, which I love, but I had to tweak the pattern a bit already cause my feet didn't turn out right, it is a weird pattern, it begins with the feet and you work your way up I think the legs, body and head are all in one piece, but it is okay, new things are good right?  Here are the photos of the dolls completed, I didn't make them, if you check the links, you can see the uber-talented peoples who actually designed and made them....

They are cute right, and the little witch is right on time for Halloween, which reminds me, I need to work on punkins too, I have 1 1/2 done, and I want to make at least one more or maybe 5 total, you gotta have an odd number so they look right.  I haven't been stitching lately but I need to do some of that too.   I am planning on having a hoopla wall and I want to swap some embroidered hoops on Craftster, they have ongoing hoopla swaps every month, they also have a bunch of cool swaps, you should check it out and get some new art. I may get some of the Sublime Stitching patterns, they are pretty rad, and etsy is a treasure trove of awesome-ness, but I really prefer the iron on transfers I don't like having to use carbon paper or whatever to get the pattern on my fabric, so...

Sunday, September 11, 2011

New Embroidery

I am going to start on a new embroidery this is too cute, I got it from Feeling stitchy, and it is going to be my Halloween embroidery, or at least the very first halloween embroidery I have done.  I would like to do one with some punkins on it too, that would be cute!

 I want to make this garland too. I have been wanting to make a bunting for awhile, but this is too cute.  I would love to make something similar for the tree too....Maybe gingerbread men or something.hmmm

Crochet Bunny

My daughter will be turning 5 this week and I have been making a amigurumi for each of my kids on their birthdays this year.  I started on a cute little witch from a pattern on etsy, but I stopped for some reason and started making some pumpkins for Fall.  Now I am working on a bunny.  I saw these birds and monkeys in Somersets "Stuffed" magazine, if you don't know what I am talking about, go to Joann's, Barnes and Noble or to their site and buy one, they are seriously amazing and the zine is chucked full of plushie love.  Anyways, I fell in love with these teeny birdies and monkeys.... They are from
Lue and Sue . She is seriously talented and I love her designs and best of all, she is sharing her patterns. You should really look, I don't know any little people (or big ppl) who would not be super=excited to get one of these amazing stuffies.  I want to make some just for me to hoard, but I have to finish a million other stuff first.   So here is what I am trying to achieve:

But, she hasn't finished adding the whole pattern so I am using another bunny pattern to finish it, but with a few tweaks to make it the right size...

Are these not like the cutest thing you have ever seen?  I am in love with them really.  I will post my own pics when I figure out how to get the pics from my camera to the laptop...Any ideas how?  I am a total dum-dum...sorry.   What are you working on? It doesn't have to be a crochet projects either. 


Today is September 11 a day that I think everyone will remeber and honor for a very long time.  When the planes hit the towers I was at school, a freshman and I watched it unfold on tv. In every class that day, we watched the news and when I got home I watched it all night too.  It was a very sad day for America and I still don't fully understand not only why they did it, but HOW they could do that to their fellow human beings, the people on those floors did nothing to warrant it and it is such a tragedy and a waste of life, it makes me upset just thinking about it.

But I believe time heals all wounds and we are resisliant, we fought back and we moved on, now we will honor the lives lost and the sacrificies made.  The courage, honor, and bravery shown on that day will live on in our hearts and we will know that we stood together.

God Bless

*p.s.  if you can, just say a little prayer for comfort of the ones who lost someone, for the ones who were there and who fought to help, may they know that they made a difference and may they feel peace for the ones that died.

Day One

Hello!!!! I know no one is reading just yet, but that will end soon enough!

A little about moi 
My name is Julia I am 26 years old, SAHM of four children, two boys, two gals.  I have a passion for crafts.  First I was majorly addicted to scrapbooking, then it moved more into papercrafts These days I crochet alot and embroider is my newest love and I have really been doing alot of it, thanks to all the wonderful inspiration out here in the blog=o=shpere... Quilting and knitting are both crafts that I desperatly want to learn, along with mega sewing skills.  Maybe someday.  I love altering items and reusing them in new and innovative ways, and I love recycling old things into purposeful items.   Green is GOOD!!!

Not to rant, but we only have this one planet and do you really want your children and granbabies to be in danger because we messed it up?  I don't so try to do one green thing, even if it only changing to an energy efficient lightbulb (which are cheaper in the long run because they dont burn out forever)  or turning off lights you aren't using and unplugging appliances and cords.  These things are green and can save you money and you know that is good!

Back to me, I have been married to my snookums (omg, he would kill me if I called him that)  Jason, for going on 8 years next week.  It has been good and bad but I would say the good far outweighs the bad, and my marriage advice would be to stick with it, for me the first few year were the hardest but we stuck it out and now I couldn't ve happier.   I am a christian which really has nothing to do with this blog. but I will tell you about it anyways, I believe in God, Christ and the Holy Spirit.  I try to go to church but life gets in the way, I think I have some of that Catholic guilt that I have heard about.