Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tiny Houses and True Blood

First up, I recieved my Tiny House from the Tiny House Swap on Craftster, it is super small, but is big on detail:) I think it is adorable.  The trim with the little balls ( not sure the correct term for it) is the smallest kind I have seen of this type, and it has lace and a sheer trim too. And the little flower buttons, too cute....I am super worried about my package though, I tried the DC # and it said it couldnt track it....i really hope my partner recieves or else I will have to make a new one ASAP, plus I made her two so. 

Can you see the tiny ant in the first picture? I think he wants to live there...who wouldn't?

I am all caught up on this season of True Blood, I dont have HBO so I had to find an alternate viewing experience:0  I am confused about Lilith, is she really  there or really there in their heads or are they just going psycho? And Mike Spencer as a vamp, eeewww.... and Warlow, why would Sookie's ancestor make a contract for his first Fae grand-daughter to be given to a vamper?  I guess we'll have to wait until next week to find out.  oh, I can't believe Bud was a bad guy, I really liked him, he was funny, I hated that bitch he was doing (the chunky one) I kinda wanted Luna to kill her, she was a total gank...ughhh.

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