Thursday, August 2, 2012

Some new crafted goodies

I am super excited that school has started, I am looking forward to lots of craft time, I still have one kid home with me, but that's what cartoons are for...LOL... I actually brought my sewing machine and loads of fabric upstairs so I could sew at the kitchen table until school let out, I got 3 things done, 2 pincushions that I made for a swap and a dish towel for me, I don't really make a lot of things that I actually keep for myself, most things are for others so it was nice to be able to make something just for me!!! I have also been crocheting some and I plan to make a blanket soon, either crochet or quilting, I would love to make a queen sz quilt for my bed, but I am such a beginner I am not sure if I could manage it... I have lots of plans for more crafts as I am in a ton of swaps at the moment, but the good news is I have 4 packaged ready to post tomorrow. YAY

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