Friday, September 16, 2011


I finished two crocheted pumpkins last night, I used sticks for the stems and made a curlique out of dark green yarn for a leaf.  I am looking for the disk for my camera so that I can get my pics loaded on here.... soon hopefully.

I also signed up for my first swap on Craftster, it is a halloween treat bag swap and I am so super excited about it.  They also do Hoopla swaps and I sooo wanna do one of those too, I actually want to do about 50 or so I wanna have a hoopla wall, maybe in my craft room, which is slowly becoming filled with yarn and fabric, but its ok cause thet are pretty!   I also bought some pumpkins at WalMart yesterday, DH said it was still summer, but it is cold so it seems like autumn, plus, I like pumpkins I wanna make tons of them, I saw some pretty white ones that were made out of a cabled and bobbled sweater that was cut up, I think I saw it on totally tutorials, and it seemed really simple to make so I think I will have to try it.

I got E and A's preschool pics today, sooo cute! They also got t-shirts, I think I am going to put those in my keepsake box and not let them wear them or anything and when they are older they can have them, plus, I think it would be weird to wear a shirt with a pic of yourself on it.

I am almost done with E's birthday gift, the witch w/ a kitty I just have to finish half an arm then the other one, the rest of the hat and the hair, which I am kinda nervous about because I have never done it before, I have a few ufo' dolls w/o hair and some other ones that didn't need hair, so let's hope I can do it.... I started on the lalaloopsy like doll. but I gave up for now so that I can for sure have one finished for her birthday, but I think that I will have time *maybe* to actually have both of them done... :) YAY ME!!!!!!

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