Sunday, September 11, 2011


Today is September 11 a day that I think everyone will remeber and honor for a very long time.  When the planes hit the towers I was at school, a freshman and I watched it unfold on tv. In every class that day, we watched the news and when I got home I watched it all night too.  It was a very sad day for America and I still don't fully understand not only why they did it, but HOW they could do that to their fellow human beings, the people on those floors did nothing to warrant it and it is such a tragedy and a waste of life, it makes me upset just thinking about it.

But I believe time heals all wounds and we are resisliant, we fought back and we moved on, now we will honor the lives lost and the sacrificies made.  The courage, honor, and bravery shown on that day will live on in our hearts and we will know that we stood together.

God Bless

*p.s.  if you can, just say a little prayer for comfort of the ones who lost someone, for the ones who were there and who fought to help, may they know that they made a difference and may they feel peace for the ones that died.

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